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The oblivious *** award for this year goes to:

Rich Coulter, owner of Eco-Colour in Vero Beach FL.

Yes indeed, Rich Coulter is wearing out his welcome in Vero Beach very quickly folks.

He used to be involved with the family business in Lapeer, Michigan, but he screwed that up too.

Now he is running a sham of a business "Eco Colour 14th Avenue Vero Beach, Florida.

He uses people like toilet paper, has no regard for anyone but himself, selfish ***.

He rips off employees every week, owes thousands and thousands of dollars for past work to ALL of them, NEVER pays what he says he will.

This guy is a smooth talker, but ALWAYS full of ***. A wink and a smile, as he rips you off.

Anyway heres Eco-Colour's current status:

The business is dying quickly, crash and burn baby.

Eco-Colour uses unskilled labor, including illegal Mexicans on all jobs. No skilled employee would take his BS. All jobs come out crappy now. *** kids and Mexicans, great labor pool.

Eco-Colour's shop is behind on rent, his landlord is tired of his BS too, The employees know her and she is PISSED...

Eco-Colour uses sub-grade materials, not the materials used on the showroom surfaces. All materials containers are IMMEDIATELY removed from jobsites so the client won't know they're getting ripped off with *** materials.

Eco-Colour promises new employees the world, then when he becomes indebted to them, fires them owing big $$$

Eco-Colour forces employees to drive a work truck that is unsafe and illegal, under threat of termination.

Eco-Colour violates employee rights by forcing them to use dangerous carcinogenic chemicals without protection as required by the law, again under threat of termination.

Eco-Colour cheats the IRS daily.

Eco-Colour violates OSHA regulations daily.

Eco-Colour violates DMV/DOT regulations daily.

Eco-Colour violates Workmans Comp regulations daily.

Eco-Colour violates employee's rights daily.

Eco-Colour violates Illegal Immigration Laws daily.

Eco-Colour actually houses illegal Mexican aliens at the 14th Ave shop.

Eco-Colour pays workers illegally...on "salary", (if you get paid) but will work you 60 hrs, so in essence, less than Minimum wage (after doing the math.)

All pay coming and going is off the books, IRS would love this.

Workmans Comp for employees? Ha! You gotta be kidding. Not here folks.

Eco-Colour owes EVERY employee money, not just a few hours, but THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

This shop is in violation of so many regulatory agencies, and Rich Coulter is such a *** to his employees, that it's time for him to face the music.

Eco-Colour will absolutely continue to rip off who they can (employees, clients, taxman) not abide by state laws and regulations, and keep running until Rich Coulter is called on all of it in a court of law.

His family should be ashamed, what an *** he has become.


BOYCOTT ECO-COLOUR... lies lies lies.

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Agreed.He did upwards of 30k in work.

Not worth it.

Hasn't held up.Definitely stay away


The work done by Richard Coulter is nothing but exquisite!The jobs are clean and professionally done.

I would personally recommend Richard and his crew to anyone looking for flooring, countertops, or wall decor.This article is nothing but slander!

Truth hurts
to Pleased! Miami, Florida, United States #697737

You, my friend, are completely full of ***.There is NOTHING untrue written here, I WITNESSED all of this firsthand.

Take your defense of this creep somewhere else.


After several days of workmen, young boys, coming and going through my house, the floor I received was no where near the color sample I chose.The owner of Mr.

Coulter refused to acknowledge the problem, saying I was a perfectionist.DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN HARMS WAY WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!

Seen the work!

Visit the Vero Bowl!The entrance is the only redeeming work.

The rest is coming off or mismatched?

I think the Florida Vet League was this company's poor work as well.Aweful!

Vero Beachside Disaster

I am an elderly woman, the fumes from the new floor were so bad I could not stay in the house, and it made me sick.Eco Colour and Richard Coulter did not give me the right color, as in the sample.

When I could not get Richard to even come down once, I knew there was a problem. The people that came tried to change the color, but it was not even close to the sample I choose.

The fumes were so bad, I almost went to the hospital.I am not happy with the outcome, and it doesn't surprise me to see this posted here.

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